During preparation and practice, one cannot avoid ending up with a plethora of additional material and some corrections or additions for the official course materials. There are also many valueable hints and tips from the field, students come up with in the classroom. I decided to put them where they are almost always accessible – the web. As a collateral effect, I hope cource participants will benefit from them as much as I do. That's why this section exists.

The official student-kits are available in english, also the tests and the majority of relevant and recommendable networking literature. I see no gain in using a different language here. That's why this section is written in english.


This place is intended as an additional source of information I use in the classroom and as a free service to my students for their preparation. That's why there is a different login for each course. If you lost it or if I forgot to provide it, feel free to ask.


This sector is far from being complete and additions will be made as my other duties allow, so allow me to humbly ask for your patience. If you would like to contribute, that'd be great; just drop me a line or join the discussion list, which is available to all students.